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Império Endurance

Race recipe

Império Endurance in Automobilista 2







Império Endurance Brasil is a Brazilian multi-class endurance racing series. It has four prototype classes, GT3s and GT4s. There are also light variants for each GT class meant for older slower machinery, but these are not represented in Automobilista 2.

There isn't a class for Império Endurance in Automobilista 2. Rather you have to set up a multiclass race with P1, P2, P3, P4, GT3 and GT4 classes.

In general there are minimal restrictions set for cars. Safety, minimum weight and engine displacement.

The four different prototype classes are mostly straight forward, P1 being the fastest and P4 being the slowest. However P2 is the old P1 class meaning that it contains older P1 machinery.

P1 slots in somewhere between the more known LMP3 and LMP2 classes. P1 cars are free to utilise hybrid drivetrains and DRS without restrictions. Purpose-built AJR prototypes are king there, a couple seconds faster than Ginetta's prototype.

Império Endurance's GT3 class consists of modern homologated GT3 cars, but it is not restricted like many other GT3 series around the world. Teams can squeeze everything out of their cars without balance of performance (BoP).

Unlike GT3, GT4 cars are both homologated and using the same BoP that the original sanctioning body set for them.