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MCR S2000

Image: Donk

MCR S2000 in Automobilista 2

About the Car

MCR S2000 is a two-seat, mid-engined, open-cockpit, full-bodied prototype racecar developed by MCR Race Cars. MCR Cars are designed by Clive Hayes and Luiz Fernando Cruz. All cars are hand built in Wales.

S2000 means that it fits the Sports 2000 class regulations. The basic concept is like Formula Ford 2000 (see Formula Trainer), but for sports cars. So it's one of the more affordable racing classes.

Sports 2000 car design is based on Group 6 sports racing cars from the 60s and 70s. Multiple companies have manufactured Sports 2000 chassis and the designs slowly evolved closer to what the MCR is today. In the UK Sports 2000's popularity dwindled after the 80s, but has recently revived as both a historic and modern class. The MCR represents a modern take on this affordable racing class.

MCR uses a Ford Duratec engine as required by Sports 2000 spec in the UK. The body is made from either fibreglass or carbon fibre and has an adjustable single element carbon fibre rear wing.

Overall it's a very lightweight car. So even though it doesn't have an enormous amount of power, it does have a formidable power to weight ratio and manages to feel really fast in game.

Sim driving notes

The MCR is responsive, agile and quick. It doesn't have tons of power, but will produce fast lap times due to its low weight and high grip. One of the key characteristics is its use of an open differential which makes it relatively unstable off throttle. It's easy to run into liftoff oversteer. If you're not careful this could turn into a big slide or spin.

However with practice you can make use of this as a way to make the car turn in faster. If you time it right you can lift gently right as you start turning into the apex and then gently get back on the power. So this car is driven with the throttle to a degree much like Formula Vee and Formula Trainer.