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Brabham BT52

Brabham BT52 in Automobilista 2

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About the Car

Brabham BT52 is the 1983 F1 season championship winning car. Driven by Ricardo Patrese and champion Nelson Piquet.

It was the first turbocharged F1 car to help a driver win a championship. Its power and torque figures were also a mystery. It varied between qualifying and race configurations, because regulations did not limit engine changes. So teams were able to push an engine for a couple laps in qualifying.

Practically unlimited engine power meant that the BT52 ran at insane boost pressures and produced above 1000hp. The power and torque figures listed here are an example of limited boost power. Figures big enough to win races combined with the reliability of moderate boost.

The BT52's sidepod design is unique. Starting behind the driver unlike in the previous 82 season where the car appeared much wider - a trademark of the ground effect era. As ground effect was banned in 1983, constructors had to completely rethink their approach to aerodynamics.

Image credit: Jake Archibald CC 2.0.