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Lotus 23

Lotus 23 in Automobilista 2

A tiny green giant killer.

About the Car

Lotus 23 is a tiny open two-seater race car. Designed by Colin Chapman in the 1960s, it was purpose-built for FIA Group 4 racing between 1962 and 1963. To comply with regulations it had to have road car features such as luggage space and a license plate light. But there was nothing road car like about the way it performed.

The 23 is so small that the 60s Mini Cooper S it races against in AMS2 - an already miniscule car by any standards - looks like a van sitting inside the 23's cockpit in VR.

Sim driving Notes

With an engine mounted just behind the driver, the Lotus 23 is perfectly balanced and ultra lightweight. It doesn't have a lot of power so you have to carry as much speed through corners as possible. This is made easier by its neutral oversteer/understeer balance. It takes a lot to upset it and scrub off speed due to a slide. So just like a Miata today, your task is to use every centimeter of the track and make sure you exit the corner with as much speed left as possible.