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BMW 2002 Turbo

BMW 2002 Turbo in Automobilista 2

About the Car

2002 Turbo was BMW's first and one of the first turbocharged production cars in general. It's based on the 02 series's regular 2.0L engine with an added KK&K turbo and Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. It's a rare car: only 1,672 units were ever produced. It's future was doomed due to the oil crisis following its launch as demand for performance cars crashed.

The regular 2002 model already produced 128 hp. Forced induction through turbocharging increased power to 168 hp with 240Nm of torque. This is an otherwise modest figure, but it's driving a chassis around only 1000kg. To put it into perspective, this power to weight ratio is similar to a modern day Golf GTI.

As usual with most BMWs performance cars, the 2002 is a comfortable everyday car that seats four. It's also considered the Holy Grail of BMWs.