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Formula Trainer Advanced

Single-car Series

Image: steelcast27

Formula Trainer Advanced in Automobilista 2







About the Car

An advanced version of the Formula Trainer with slick tires and an LCD display instead of traditional gauges.

Sim driving notes

This advanced version is less forgiving to drive due to the slicks. Where the simple version has street tires that slide easily and progressively, slicks will feel twitchier. Ultimately they do have more grip, but you have to be careful with the Trainer's tendency to slide or you'll find yourself outside the tires' optimal slip angles. This leaves grip on the table and aggressive sliding slows the car down.

However you can and should still play with the car. Figure out the perfect balance between speed preservation and aggressive turn in if needed to make a corner. The goal is to come out of the corner with as much speed left as possible.