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Aussie Racing Camaro

Single-car Series

Image: norbs

Aussie Racing Camaro in Automobilista 2







About Aussie Racing Cars

Aussie Racing Cars
Photo: norbs

Aussie Racing Cars is an Australian motor racing category. Essentially a motorcycle powered Silhouette racing car class, it was created by former touring car racer Phil Ward, influenced by the American Legends category.

The category was developed by Phil Ward in the 90s. It started as a prototype track day car for Kart Blanche - also developed by Ward earlier as an approachable racing series. Regular competitors bought the initial samples. Through Ward's promotional work the little car eventually found its way to V8 Supercars as a support series.

Initial Aussie Racing Cars were caricatures of 1940 body styles. In 2007 a new style car was launched. Design engineer Russell Mapplebeck came up with the New Age concept known today where several manufacturers' body styles are shrunk around the same platform.

Aussie Racing Cars is now one of the most successful motorsport categories of all time in Australia.

About the Car

All Aussie Racing Cars are based on the same mechanically identical platform. Automobilista 2 represents the Camaro style body.

Even though they may seem like a laugh, these cars are pure race cars with components that fit the demands.

Drivers sit exactly in the middle. A high revving motorcycle engine in front of them. The sequential gearbox does not tell which gear it is in - that's up to the driver to get a feel for.

The engine's power band is such that you don't have to - or shouldn't - use all of the revs. The final 1000 rpm is not useful and saves the engine's life as its top end does not get abused constantly.

Suspension, tires and brakes are all race caliber. Each car can be set up to suit the driver's preferences. Race components in a ultra lightweight body combined with a relatively high top speed and surprising cornering speeds means that these cars punch way above their weight.

Sim Driving Notes

Just like V8 Supercars (Super V8), Aussie Racing Cars have a spool (locked differential). What this means is that the rear will resist rotation at all speeds leading into noticeable understeer.

First you need to get used to trail braking into corners to force a good turn in. Then you need to get back on the throttle early in order to loosen up the rear and help the car turn. Once you're aimed at the apex of the corner, you need to be commited to making the exit with a good amount of throttle. Otherwise a lot of time is wasted waiting for the car to turn, not accelerating.

This takes time getting used to. Fortunately ARC is a more forgiving platform than the much more powerful Super V8. And it is a lot of fun!