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About Cars of AMS2

Cars of AMS2 is an unofficial fan site dedicated for presenting cars from Automobilista 2 with all their specifications and background information.

All content is generated from this full car spreadsheet by Coanda on the Reiza forum.

If you think you can help contribute to missing or false information, please post a comment on the Cars of AMS2 thread on the Reiza Studios Forum.

About Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is a motorsports simulator game developed by Reiza Studios. This website is not affiliated with Reiza or Automobilista 2. You can read more about the game from its official website.

Image credits

Thanks to the following people for generously providing images for cars and classes:

  • alink
  • norbs
  • steelcast27
  • Peter Stefani
  • Donk